Friday 14 December 2018


By: Abraham Ben Abraham
Presented By: Deborah Bat Habakkuk

The Rabbi of Temple Emmanuel – Rabbi Wayne Franklin
The Ima of Temple Emmanuel – Mrs. Anne Franklin
Our own very good friend – Professor William Miles
The Rosh of Synagogues here present
Members of our synagogue in Abuja, as well as representatives from other synagogues in other parts of Nigeria.
Other distinguished guests
And all the children in our midst.
You’re all Welcomed to Tikvat Israel Synagogue Abuja

Prof. Miles, Rabbi Wayne, Mrs. Franklin, Jator, Father Thomas
I’m so happy to welcome every one of you to this great occasion – of the inauguration of the Rabbi Wayne Franklin Guest Quarters Abuja. How amazing to see this historic moment in this life-time, which is a great reason I will never stop to give thanks to the Holy One of Israel (Blessed is He)- who has indeed made all this to come to pass.

The history of Judaism in Nigeria dates back to many years ago – and we here at Tikvat Israel Synagogue Abuja have continued to play our part in ensuring the sustenance of this faith.  Today Judaism has spread so quickly across the south eastern, south southern and south western regions around the country. We have Jews in Anambra state and Delta state, Enugu as well as in Ebonyi State, and also a good number of them in Rivers State, and in Lagos. There are also emerging Jewish communities in Akwaibom State and in other remote locations. But although we do not specifically know the exact population- one can tell from the brit milas and bar/bart mitzvahs witnessed across the country- as an indication that we are indeed growing in number.

Rabbi Wayne, Professor Miles and Abuja Youths
As we continue to witness this fast growth, there is the need to make sure everyone is on the right path. So instead of allowing emerging and existing Jewish congregation to function separately with little or no cooperation with other synagogues – the focus is to achieve unity to a great extent. Therefore, strengthening the Judaism Network is a paramount thing – a task all must join hands to achieve no matter how long this could take to happen.

Today, Kulanu is leading the mission of discovering remote, emerging and existing Jewish synagogues – with the primary objective aimed at fostering strength and unity. The members of Tikvat Israel Synagogue Abuja are grateful to the management of Kulanu for the massive support so far. And as we gather here today for the opening ceremony of the synagogue Guest House – the Nigerian Jews are absolutely grateful for the financial support of Rabbi Wayne Franklin as well as that of the loving members of Temple Emmanuel synagogue in Rhode Island, United States. This 5-unit guest house was started in 2013 by Sar Habakkuk but was temporarily abandoned due to lack of capital and the need to focus on more pressing needs that included the erection of the new synagogue building. But nevertheless, Hashem came to our rescue through Rabbi Wayne Franklin – by giving the synagogue a new colorful look in this 2018 as a result of the completed new guest house.

Deborah Bat Habakkuk & Professor William Miles
The Rabbi Wayne Franklin Guest Quarters is open to all Jews who are on a temporary or short visit to Abuja. We’re also calling on Jews residing abroad, who intend to visit Jewish Nigeria – to be less bothered about paying for hotel accommodation – as we are more than happy to have them as guests within the walls of the synagogue.

Let me use this opportunity to mention a few names that have played a significant role in the past towards strengthening Judaism in Nigeria. The likes of Rabbi Howard Gorin, Harriet Bograd, David Tobis, Professor William Miles, Daniel Limor, Jeffery Davidson, Rabbi Dolinger, Daniel Okolie, Lucy Stenitz, Judy Manelis, Remy Illona, Late Emma Shabbat, Late Sir Luke, Late Elder Ashar of Meir Elohim Synagogue, Ben Shane Tov, Amy Chukwuma, Dr. Israel Abido, Ephrahim Uba and others who I cannot mention in this speech due to time factor. We are forever grateful for the encouragement and massive support, which are no doubt immeasurable. May the Holy One of Israel (Blessed is He) reward you all exceedingly more than your efforts and contributions.

Rabbi Wayne, Mrs. Franklin, Baruch, Issac Ben Abraham
Finally, I wish to thank every one of you for coming to this event, especially the invited guests who have traveled far distances across land and ocean just to be here. And not forgetting our brother s and sisters who were not able to make it for one reason or the other. Tikvat Israel Synagogue Abuja is so pleased to welcome every one of you. And we pray for a successful return journey for all our brothers and sisters here.

Remain seated, eat, drink, dance, enjoy, and do have a memorable occasion! 

Tudah Rabba!


  1. This is a good speech. Very articulate and intelligible! What a glorious occasion. Baruch Hashem for the success. We are moving forward progressively!

  2. You're welcomed brother! Yes, Indeed, we are moving forward! Judaism has come to stay in Nigeria!

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  4. A good one.
    Baruch Hashem!
    __eliada chukwuma Ozoemena.

    1. Thank you Elder Chukwuma Ozoemena for your non-stop contribution on our blog. Looking forward to seeing you in Port Harcourt for the next part of the Franklin-Miles Tour To Jewish Nigeria!

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    1. I'm so glad for stopping by to drop a comment!
      Shalom! Shalom!

  6. OHR HA-SHEM KNESSET-Nkpor Anambra.Congratulation keep it up.

    1. It's so lovely to hear from OHR HA-SHEM KNESSET! Thanks for visiting our blog!



By: Abraham Ben Abraham Presented By: Deborah Bat Habakkuk The Rabbi of Temple Emmanuel – Rabbi Wayne Franklin The Ima of Temple Emma...